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Are your tomatoes setting  e t c .? 

I have good strong plants but not many flowers / fruit.

They are in a greenhouse.

Mel Mcbride

I'm growing two types outside in pots and they're doing pretty good. One's tomato bush the other is neat n sweet, I have three of each. I'm in Somerset, we've had loads of full on wind storms, but plenty of clear sky days too this past few months.

I've got some gardeners delight cherry tomatoes growing outside, lots of unripe fruit. Also some Principe Borghese which have set fruit. All of them are outside. I'm in Essex
Dordogne Damsel

I am in Central France and the last 5 days have been a bit wet and windy, also very warm though, am in middle of decorating project so not managed to get outside much and tonight, finally, got to get to veg patch to check on it! The tomatoes have gone wild, and I mean wild, they are full of fruit, but they look more like bushes than plants, even starting to root where they are touching the ground. Can't sleep for worrying about what to do with them. I went to cut them back, but every stem has tomatoes on, big fat ones too. Do you think I should just get more stakes in to support them? Should I lift the ones that are taking root? Help! 


I'm in London and have just noticed my first tomato fruit forming this year, probably due to them being transplanted into the soil late.

A few flowers grew when they were still shoots in small pots, but none produced fruit.

The tomato is less than 1cm across and I can't see any others yet, but I'm sure they'll come. How far behind from where they should be are my plants, and is there still time to get a good harvest this year?


Still plenty of time yet to get a harvest........on average, I have 3 trusses on each plant and I would expect to get at least 6.  I was late sowing this year and hoping for an Indian Summer to ripen every last one on the vine.  If not, I'll ripen off the vine or use them green for preserves

Jap........I'd take advantage of what you have and let them continue to grow wild......the fruit will be delicious.   Next year when you are not so busy with indoor projects, you could keep them a little tidier

Growing Toms in France ( southern for me in previous times ) just means a bit more keeping an eye on them before they go mad


First time growing toms this year, got 5 established plants, full of unripe fruit and flowers, the leaves at the bottom are a little crisp and curled, but judging by how much fruit we have and the amount of flowers we are still getting I'm not too worried. I'm in Worcester and had a good mix of lots of sun and rain. My strawberries however have struggled. About 6 from three big plants.



I have 6 trusses and stopped them, but i am down in Devon and some were sown in Jan.

Last year I sowed them all in Jan and by now I had them ripe, slower this year some got sown in March.

I dont like green ones, and las

t year had only 2.

Orchid Lady

It's my first year growing tomatoes properly so I have nothing to compare my results to.  I have lots of unripe fruit on each of my 7 plants which are in the GH and also lots of flowers still.  My outdoor ones (Tumbling Tom - red and yellow) still only have flowers but they were sown later.


I have about 30 plants, some in an unheated glass GH and some in a polytunnel and all are looking very healthy and have unripe fruit, but they're all a bit behind due to a few late cold snaps while they were young, despite them being started about a month earlier than I usually do.  There's a lot to be said for waiting a bit longer before sowing tomatoes, even if you do have a propagator, unless you have a heated greenhouse or conservatory etc to keep them in while they are young.


I was going to post about my tomatoes.  I have loads of green tomatoes - all grown in the greenhouse - but no ripe ones at all.   I always grow tomatoes but have never had to wait this long for them to ripen. Is it just one of those years?


I have lots of current and cherry tom plants  in front garden tons of flowers and green tomatoes not one red one yet. Weather has been unkind here very windy and my cordon tomatoes in front and rear garden are very stocky really thick stems and only a few flowers. I am in herts on the border of Beds and Middlesex and its not been very sunny just cloudy and windy.

I am sure this time last year my first beef tom was looking like ripening. All mine are out doors.


In S.Yorks, my outdoor cherry toms are doing great, loads on and starting to ripen. In GH gardener's delight doing okay, St.Pierre ( first time for these) Pants!!

Salino the last few days I've started picking mine as they have ripened...'Sungold'.. and 'Orange Paruche' which are both quite similar... lots of trusses on the plants..greenhouse... seeds sowed in late March I think...


My harzfuer are turning red as of yesterday, sweet apertif have a truss of 16 turning red, harbinger have hardly fruited yet, think i was late with the northwest..

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