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hi folks

when is it best to put plant my tomatoes out?

Gardening Grandma

Hi, NH. I presume you mean outside in the garden. When there's no further risk of frost or very cold winds, so something depends on where you live. They are better off inside at the moment.


Not Yet!!!   You're up there in Nth Lincs?  Brrrr!  Not until June most years .... this year  wait and see ........


Be as patient as you can.  Difficult I know!  It depends a lot on where you are and also on what variety you are growing....but put it off until the weather is reliable, and harden them off very gradually first.


Nicholas, unless you've got temps of at least 15C daytime and at least 12C overnight you're pretty much wasting your time. Lower temps - within reason - won't necessarily hurt them but their development will be compromised.



Afternoon folks, is it ok to put my small tommy plants in my greenhouse bed or should they be kept in pots for a while? Thanks


Hi Tootles, At the moment I'm putting the pots in the GH during the day, but bringing back indoors at night.  Last night my max-min thermometer in the GH said it went down to 2.3C, which would have done them no good at all.  I agree with Italophile about the temperature range.  If you can afford a max-min thermometer (under £10), they are well worth having in a greenhouse.

I'm glad I read this now! Went to garden centre bought a grafted tomato plant in hope I have success this year.  Have planted in large pot with grow bag and canes.  Should I dig it up, transfer it to medium pot and keep in in shed with window until it's warmer, I'm in South West, today we have had rain, hail and brilliant sunshine. Any advice gratefully received.

Hiya, is it too late to start some tomato plants from seed?

Just about sow tomato seeds now, yes.

Sarah sounds like a fairly big pot for your tomato plant.  Can you pot it Into small pot?  Your plant prob came in small pot so just bit bigger.  Leave in kitchen overnight?  Don't overpot tomatoes either.  Best done in stages, little bit bigger each time

Many thanks Verdun, it's going back in a medium pot this eve and will be overnighting in the utility until we have warmer weather.  Didn't realise you should gradually upsize pot size either.  Am loving access to experts!

You are welcome Sarah.

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