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If it's of any help, maybe you'd be interested to know that the commercial potato producer round here has just finished planting potatoes in the field at the back of my house.  They don't chit them - any shoots would be knocked off during the mechanical planting process - so I guess they think now's the time to plant spuds for maximum yield. As far as I know they've planted a variety of maincrop potatoes, because I've been told that what they grow usually ends up as frozen chips!

Very useful and interesting thread, thanks to all. I have Rocket and Roosters chitting away and they look nearly ready so am going to go with comment from the Irish allotmenteer and get them all in on St Patrick's day!

Now then, I've just been clearing out my root veg basket (stuff bought, not grown, sorry) and have found 3 apache potatoes with seriously long white and other coloured sprouts. Can I plant these and try to grow a crop from them or should they go in the bin/compost please?

lol Edd, that made me laugh! Really??? I can plant them? How exciting! Right, they're in the 'to do' queue...which is getting very, very long...Thank you!


My greatest success story are my potatoes'. They crop for me every year without fail and i never get any slugs or snails . I live in the North East it's usual cold well until May. I buy my seed potatoes from the pound shop believe it or not, and get a bumper, well tasting crop every year, last year it was Maris, this year it's Pentland. I plant middle of April, after the last frost in a raised bed, i leave them in their bags in my little patio greenhouse, and the just plop them straight in, and this seems to work well for me.

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