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I ordered some of these last night as I found a fairly good special offer and they're supposed to be ever bearing. Has anyone had any experience of growing them and is there anything I should know?

I have just bought some, mail order, for the first time. They are nice healthy little plants to plant in a pot. Looked good in the brochure, with unusual pink flowers. Here's hoping!

They certainly look lovely don't they? I'm hoping the fruits are good too. Where did you get yours from Lizzy? Mine are from T&M.

Mine are from a French company Jardin Express, as I live in France.


Ah yes, I should have read your info first

I've read up a little on them, there's not much around as they're a fairly new variety, each plant should produce a kilo of fruit each year. They also won an award in 2011 although I'm not sure if that's for their attractiveness or being a good strawb.

I'm quite excited about them really, I would have dug over the patch at my allotment ready for them today had it not been for the snow.
What is a good trailing variety please

I've also ordered some from T&M, mine are a clubcard deal, expecting them soon as the weather finally looks like getting a bit warmer - during the daytime at least.

Excellent, we'll have to be the Toscana experts then

Well mine arrived this morning, except they aren't Toscana, they're a variety called Anais with a substitution note and a £5 money off voucher. They look a little worse for wear (well a jumbled mess to be honest) but I'm off to pot them up anyway with the hope of fruit in 16-20 months...


Mine are getting pretty deep pink flowers now. I would feel pretty cross about your order, and they took a long time to send them.

I'd be furious, and demand my money back!  I can't believe they've had your money all this time!

Mine came through the post about a month ago, but suspiciously a few days after I'd emailed to ask where they'd got to.  Same titchy T&M offerings, I was hoping for something bigger (as I'd ordered some crowns from DT Browns last year, that were hoofing great big things, already got some runners off them they sent out last year).  Potted them on, they're still really small, hopefully they'll be big enough to go out this summer, as I've nowhere to overwinter them.

So I don't think you've missed out too much.  I think T&M have bred too many anais this year, I recieved an offer today for 12 runners and 100g of fertiliser for 3.99 plus p&p.  I think some of the crowns I had last year were anais - the name seems familiar, if so then they're very nice.  I also had some 'Christine' and 'Florence' , but can't really tell the difference.  That's if the small boy leaves me any to try.

They were selling off some of the pre-planted strawberry baskets in Homebase at the weekend, I did a double-take as the flowers were bright pink, and they were the Toscana variety.  Didn't get any as I had OH there trying to round up the sproglets, I think a trip back may be in order!

If anyone's interested, they were down from £7 to £4.  I will be going to get some and re-potting for next year, most of my strawberries survived in the planter (they were in a very sheltered spot though).  Not sure how many plants are in the basket, will report back after the weekend, if I manage to get back before they've all gone.


My Toscana had really pretty flowers and the fruits were developing, then we went on holiday and the house sitter had them! But new flowers are coming now and the plants are getting quite big and bushy.

Little weeeed

I've planted strawberries for the first time this year....Elsanta.  I have a reasonable amount of fruit although some haven't produced any. Loads of runners though. My question do you overwinter them. They are in a raised bed. I have a walk in greenhouse - do they go in there and do I water them in winter?   

Have you noticed I've no idea what I'm doing? 


Mine are in stacking pots in a quite sheltered place on the drive, between the house and a 6ft fence, I only water them in summer to make sure they never dry out, I tend to stop watering them during winter, they only get watered if it's very dry.  I tend to leave them alone the rest of the time, leave the big leaves on, some of them will die off over winter, I only cut the dead leaves off when the better weather arrives, as the dead leaves provide some protection for the rest of the plant from snow and frost.

Once they start getting flowers on, I feed them once a week (twice if I remember) with either tomato food or flower power, I tend to do this until mid-september, it helps the plants develop fruit, and when it's stopped fruiting, keep it strong for the following season.  If you have room in the greenhouse, then by all means move them in there, but don't keep them in there - unless you want them to flower and fruit earlier than they normally would. 

Mine are covered in green fruits this year, waiting for them to swell and go red, then hopefully get to them before the small boy (and the smaller girl who is rapidly picking up big brother's bad habits!).


Little Weeeed, strawberries are hardy and can stay outside in winter.

Hello, I know this post is 2 years old now, but i got some strawberry Toscana last year and I went to prune them a couple of weeks ago and the whole plant came off in my hands, they had died can someone tell me why if anyone knows why, I was very disappointed! Thank You.


I think strawberries can rot if planted a bit too deep and the winter is wet. Has happened to some of my ordinary strawberries in the ground, but not with the Toscana, which are in a pot.

My Toscana are pretty, but I don't think the fruit was that sweet, rather sharp in fact. Still going strong.

I've just bought one Toscana plant from wyevale nurseries as part of an offer

there was one ripe fruit which of course I sampled as I put it in my trolley.  Beautifully sweet

several runners already forming so we shall see what happens 

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