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I've been growing carrot Early Nantes 2 and have had a lovely crop. But, among the most recent batch I pulled, some had very tough, thick stems and a hard core which went right through the carrot. Can someone tell me what went wrong?

Not,had that Berkeley but suspect the sun dried them out a little.  Carrots need to keep growing with regular water supplies for best taste.  I have found a similar experience with Beetroot and have overcome this by ensuring they domt dry out.  It has been pretty hot lately so....

Shrinking Violet

I had the same problem Berkley.  Having had difficulty with carrots in the open ground in the past, I sowed Early Nantes in deep troughs.  They have been regularly (and copiously) watered, especially during hot, dry weather.  So exactly what the problem is, I don't know - but the roots that have a hard core have the hard centre cut out.  The rest of them, some not as large as I would have liked, are just scrubbed, topped and tailed and quickly steamed.  Had some for dinner today (roast lamb, with fresh mint sauce and French and runner beans from the garden: delicious) and the flavour was superb, even if the odd shapes of some of the carrots would have been frowned on by the MasterChef judges!  But then - I grow for taste not presentation.

Always have great carrots.  Eat them like sweets.  Secret is good deep light loam, no stones, organic fertiliser, amd regular watering.  Not too much but regular.  Irregular watering causes many issues, in my opinion, splitting and tough roots being two of them




Whic type do you grow Verdun ? after several years of Early Nantes I tried Amsterdam this year,good crop and good taste but badly mis-shapen,some looked like pairs of trousers,do you know what causes that?.


Hiya gilly

Yes, two things.....stones or manure.  Carrots need nice deep light stone free soil.  I have grown all the hybrid new varieties of carrots but I now think the taste has more to do with how they are grown.  It's worth cultivating the soil well  (I use no dig system) and I do this with a three pronged cultivator scratching deeply into top 4 or 5".  I add my own 2 year old compost in autumn and it's this that's scratched in.  I add fish blood n bone in early spring.  Immediately after sowing I cover with fleece.  I now use Amsterdam forcing, early Nantes, and Mokum


Thanks Verdun,thats very helpful,and have never thought of covering with fleece after sowing.

Not heard of Mokum,will look out for them next year and try some of those as well.

Thanks for the comments. I think the hot weather may have contributed: I try to keep them well-watered, but I'm sure I "missed" once or twice. A similar question: Is it alright to leave carrots in the ground for a while AFTER they are obviously ready to pull? In other words, is it possible to leave them in too long?

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