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Can someone tell me if Tulameen is a summer or autumn harvest.

I bought it as a summer one but I think I cut it down at the wrong time and have had nothing this year!

Just another question on Tulameen has anyone had a bad harvest this year.

It's a summer fruiting variety.  I bought and planted 5 canes in April this year and had a good harvest for their first year.  I've now got this year's new growth tied in.  They taste delicious by the way 


Thanks unfortunately between weather and catapillars hadn't a bean.

I've grown Tulameen for a good many years.  It is Summer fruiting and a good cropper.  Cut the old fruiting canes out every year and tie in the new ones.  Try to keep the width of a raspberry row at no more than 18 inches by removing straying canes.  Last year thanks to all the rain my crop was fantastic, but if your site is waterlogged try making the raspberry row higher.  When I first bought my canes they were advertised as being the same sort sold by Marks and Spencers.

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