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Beth Greenfingers!!

Hi has anyone tried growing hanging basket variety of Tomatoes and any tips on growing them??

I have recently potted up 3 plants ( Tumbling Tom Red) into 1 hanging basket as recommended from the nursery i bought them from, and plan to hang them on a south facing wall.

Any tips on how to get the best crop?


Feed and water regularly-but do not put it outside permanently for at least another 4 weeks -it is still too cold at night-you could soon start putting out in the day -but bringing in at night-to gradually getting them used to being outside

Beth Greenfingers!!

thanks Lazy gardener, ive got them indoors in a southfacing room at the mo!!

Ive never had much luck with tomatoes, so hoping these hanging varieties are better!!

Do i need to nip out the tops of them once established to encourage them to be bushier, or just leave them as they are?

Thanks for your advice

I grew those little ones last year and i didnt nip the tops out, but i did grow them in the greenhouse in pots, i think they will be fine just left in your baskets, just feed once a week with tomorite or similar.
Maybe a tomato grower will see your question and give you some more advise tomorrow.

Beth, don't bother nipping out the tops. Tumbling Tom are a determinate (bush) variety, meaning they will limit their branch growth themselves.


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