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am recovering from a long term illness, and hubby discovered this.  I think I planted it about 5 years ago. Its with other fruit bushes and trees.  Can anyone help me.





Not 100% but looks like it could be a currant bush,


Definitely a currant of some sort, looks similar to the ornamental ones. You'll only know when it fruits


Ribes sanguineum or possibly Ribes sanguineum glutinosum.  A flowering currant - ornamental, not grown for fruit.  They do produce currants which are edible, but not pleasant.. 

I agre with Dove...   A Ribes, an ornamental shrub and not grown from fruit.     A lovely flower!


my neighbour has a flowering currant and it is gorgeous, how do I take a cutting off it?


I think it could be an ornamental Ribes. My fruiting ones are way behind that, but the ornamental one, in shade and getting more frost is much more advanced, although not quite opening it's buds yet. I'm in Ayrshire, not far from coast. We get frosts and lots of wind.


Oh, perfect.  I've seen that around at the moment and was wondering what it was.  Just looked it up; pity it doesn't flower for longer.

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