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cos you have to somewhere to put the kettle teabags sugar and tea and milk and biccys then somewhere to sit and look at the view,simple

Sheds are necessary.  Give a bloke a shed & he'll go & invent something (blokes from the British Isles, anyway).  Christopher Cockerill and the Hovercraft, Barnes Wallis and the bouncing and earthquake bombs (albeit a VERY big shed with a swimming pool in it), Frank Whittle and the Jet Engine to name but a few.

There's just something about a Shed and a Cup of Tea that makes brillant inventions spring to life.  You just don't get the same vibe in the great outdoors.  Everyone should have a shed.


Hi Chica,last year we got a new allotment and shed,its on a hill and we were   advised to tie it down,Paliesglide and one or two more gave me good advise,this winter on our allotment  3 sheds have now been damaged by wind one very sevearly,mine has 2 scaffold poles 3 feet into the ground with a heavy duty mooring rope fastened over the roof and onto my waterbutts and one or two said i was going over the top, but our shed is still there and like you Kettle and all the gubbins for a cuppa and with our old lounge carpet on the floor, which i might add may bring a smile from some but this winter its made a great difference with my cuttings 

Good ;luck Alan4711


fantastic alan,my allotment is also on a hill so im going up there tomorow to make sure its still there and has not been blown on the beach we have had gales the last couple of days so bad that all the beach roads have been shut oh dear, will let you know if its still there

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