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Well, as a gardener trying to buy some software to assist me in growing vegetables, is there anybody who has used any Vegetable Gardening Software? If so, what did you think? I need something that will inform me as to when to do things like add compost, lime etc. Preferably being able to tick the items off when completed.


There are so many variables Tom, e.g. weather, soil condition, aspect, variety ........ I don't want to pour cold water on your idea but I don't think I'd find software helpful in gardening - so much depends on experience and judgement.  I hope that's not discouraging  - I find that reading books and magazines on the subject gives me background knowledge that I'm then able to draw on when gardening - I see the theory that I've read about spread out in front of me and recognise it.  

I've found that a helpful and inexpensive book on veg gardening is the one in the River Cottage series.

I'm sorry that's not really the sort of answer you're looking for but I hope it's a practical suggestion. 


Software can only ever be a guide as there are so many variables in soil, aspect, rainfall, latitude, exposure, warmer west or colder east and no matter how much theory you may have imbibed from reading, research and watching TV gardeners, the best knowledge comes from experience and practice, practice, practice.

Have a look at this almanac -

-  You'll need to adjust timings to where you are - earlier for deep south west, later for the north east.


There are many books that can help too.  The RHS has a good selection in the publications sections of its website with books on fruit, veggies, organics, planning and so on.    Got to your local Library and see what they have for some bedtime reading and check out local charity shops for gardening books.


There's a 'what to do now' thread on this site and many other places. It can only be a guide though. Trial and error,  see what others do, ask questions,read books that's all I've ever done. In more recent years that's expanded to include internet searches

Not really sure my brain is able to grasp the concept of software and what it would do in this situation. 

I would suggest  But then i am a little biased. obelixx is right in that software packages shoudl only be used as a guide but I think they help you organise the complexity of planting schedules etc on an allotment. 

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