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Sue H
Anyone have any suggestions as to what, if any, vegetables or fruit are suitable for a shady area?

Not many cope well with shade but salads don't lik eto be baked so I grow min in the shadiest bed although it does get full sun around the summer solstice.   Swiss chard does well there too so I expect spinach would cope well and herbs such as parsley, chervil and mint do well.    I have a patch of alpine strawberies quietly spreading in a shady area too, agian with full sun at the solstice.


brassicas and spinach, lettuce and it's varients will do ok, but not their best, leeks again will do ok.


You can grow lettuces and salad leaves, leafy veg such as spinach, chard, broccoli and brussels sprouts, and peas and beans. But not in full shade, OK in dappled shade or partial shade with a minimum of 3 hours sun.

Sue H
Lizzie. This area only gets about 1 hr a day. Shade is from house. So no chance of moving it.


It will be very hard to grow a good amount of vegetables in this area. Most veg suitable to the shade still need at least 3 hours of sun a day; for example lettuce, radishes, sprouts, broccoli, and peas etc.

Hi all, maybe you should grow in pots .This way you can get some sun and grow a bigger variety of veg . Ta Debra

Sue H
Yes always grow stuff all over. Just want to utilize this area. Every inch counts

probably something in the 3 hours sun , last year i had a good crop of spinach and swiss chard ,radishes , salad leaves , but half a dozen beetroot plants in same location were a complete disaster

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