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Hi all,

I know this sounds a silly question but is it possible to grow veg during the winter months with only a grow house and a couple off large cloches?

advice please


Nigel, your question is not silly at all. Quite a few veg are planted in the Autumn but are not ready until the next spring/summer, like garlic. I am assuming you want veg to eat throughout the winter.

I finished eating the last of the carrots a few weeks ago; they managed the winter well, Chard seems to survive the cold very well, lambs lettuce is a little salad veg also the leeks were ok. I believe there is a form of lettuce that can manage the cold and Giant Winter Spinach, but make sure you plant it at the right time; I left it too late and nothing happened. I expect there are lots more; just avoid trying to grow ones from hot countries like tomatoes and aubergines.

Beth Greenfingers!!

Hi, kale, leeks, cabbage and Garlic are good to grow through the colder months!!

NH - It's not a silly Q. It's one I've considered this year when planning what to grow, to extend the growing season and make the most of the space available.  

I've tried Christmas spuds, these are best grown in bags and planted July/.August time using 1st or 2nd early seed spuds. You lengthen their growing period by bringing them under cover when the nights start to draw in and frost is threatened. Inevitably their foilage dies back end of October/ beginning of November depending when planted, but stored in a shed or GH  you can dig them up in December.I finished eating home grown spuds in February and started in July last year.

Some winter veg needs a long growing season, leeks and brussels spring to mind but there must be others but these don't need a grow house.

I'm planning leeks and turnip this year to pick over winter. Turnip will be a late sowing as I've kohl growing where they are planned.

I've yet to be convinced things grow in unheated GH and plastic grow houses over winter.

Did you have anything in mind to grow NH. 


All of the above, plus Brussels Sprouts, Curly Kale, sprouting broccoli and January King cabbages - all will grow quite happily in open ground - you don't need cloches etc - just some netting to keep the pigeons off  


was just really thinking of anything in general really.

its just really due to me now owning a grow house (5 tier 5' 2) and a couple of big 6 x 3 cloche's and was going to give it a go this year for the first time growing and eating through the winter period.


Depends where you are and the soil conditions. I lost all my cabbages, kale and all but one solitary broad bean this last winter. Not just cold but waterlogged and windy. Winter onions survived, and garlic needs planting in winter so that was OK.


To grow and eat, baby greens are quite good in pots or troughs in the growhouse

im based in lincolnshire in the east, soil is quite good

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