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Betty Brown Eyes

hi all, just wondering whether to dip my toes in the veg growing side of gardening, i have seen a lovely veg trug online and wondered if anyone has one and what their thoughts are! I dont have room for growing veg in the ground but i do have room for a small trug. any thoughts, tips, will be appreciated!


I thought a trug was one of those shallow baskets for collecting flowers and veg.


Betty Brown Eyes

no! look online and you will see what i mean...


Betty Brown Eyes

No, that isn't what I mean! Look at amazon, type in 'vegtrug' and you will see it is totally different to what you thought it was.....



I don't have a vegtrug but I have seen them planted up at GCs etc - they look nice if you only have a small space. I have grown things in a similar size container but concentrated on small stuff which is expensive in the supermarkets - mainly cut & come again salad leaves & herbs, (esp coriander, basil, tarragon and flat leaf parsley) - only need a couple of plants of each to feed one or two. 


..I like the look of those on Amazon very much - but what a price...!  if I was going to get one I would also need the greenhouse cover and liner to go with it...  lot of money to spend there on a bit of veg... but it looks nice and it's a great hobby isn't it..?  sometimes I think I'll find the money if it's something I really want in this line...

I'm growing veg in quite cheap containers, but they are nice deep ones.. I've got red cabbage [red flame], and difficult to grow Celery - 'Tango'... see how it goes for the summer... I'm not a veg grower...

Those vegtrugs are great if you're in a wheelchair, they are just the right height, and you can manouvre the chair under them.  Not got one, but seen them.  My containers are all much smaller, have a trough type planter, salad leaves, spring onions and radish in there, just bought a wooden trough type thingy from aldi, not huge quality but perfectly servicable for a tenner.  Going to have herbs in that one, got chives and basil germinating on the windowsill, am going to add red basil and coriander (as I got free seeds with kitchen garden mag), and try to get some mint.  Think OH will have his arm twisted to go to a GC over the BH, and see if I can't get some apple or chocolate mint.  Need some container compost, too.  Had a cheque for £50 for doing some surveys this month, which is a huge bonus, it means I'll be able to use decent stuff in the planters I've acquired (not above skip diving if there's a decent sized plant pot there - after asking owners of course!!).

If I'd got lots of money and was still in the wheelchair (although wheelchairs and pots of money seem to me to be mutually exclusive), I'd love one.  I'm not in a wheelchair any more, thank goodness, so will make do with some home-made raised beds.  Low-cut top and visit to scaffolders coming, methinks.......


Just a thought BBE. The similar size container I referred to in my post above was actually built of scavenged old bricks. It was about 3 bricks high and the bricks were laid in the traditional way but not mortared into place so the whole thing was easy to both build and dismantle (no mortar also meant lots of drainage gaps). The 'container' can be any size depending on space / number of bricks available. Filled with contents of 3 or 4 cheap grow bags. It was dead cheap, looked nice and rustic, was very stable because quite low and required no real skill to build. Plants grew very well in it for several years.

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