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Andrew Kenneth

Turning the ground today and I unearthed 2 lovely big potatoes which were planted out last April. Absolutely perfect condition. With all the rain and sodden ground it's amazing how they have survived.

They will go very nicely with the dinner tomorrow evening







What a lovely surprize  - hope they taste as good as they look Andrew.

Dirty Diggin

'Charlotte' are well known for this fantastic attribute. They can be pulled early to make a nice salad crop, good yeilding main crop and we have still be getting customers in our garden center who are still pulling up there Charlottes from last year

Andrew Kenneth

The ones that I lifted were 'Desiree' and they tasted delicious


Most potatoes will do this.  When they grow in the warm weather they are called volunteers, and they are a pest!


No expert

I harvested a bucket full of Volunteers last September and they were lovely.


I was digging up spuds last week on the new plot wasn't sure how long they'd been there although they did look ok.

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