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Can i still use the fruit to make Damson Jam... Sandra 


Yes, Just knock off any gummy bits when you wash them.


Comes out of the fruit when they are damaged, not from the insect which does the damage.

Our Damsons are still unripe.

I have a loaded tree and it seemed such a waste if i couldn't use them.. I was going to cook the fruit then take out the stones, but perhaps i should take the stones out first???


Good luck with that. I find damson stones are well stuck in. Damson cheese is good, simmer damsons in a little water until soft. Put through sieve. discard skin and stones that dont go through the fine sieve. Weigh pulp, add equal amount of sugar, boil until thick and set in small  sterilised jars. Great with cheese.


Oh that sounds quite yummy and its a bit different.. Many thanks for that.. 


That's how I cook Damsons, but just to make puree that I freeze. may try the cheese this year.


That is how we do it too! Now my Granny used to leaves some of the stones in when she made Damson jam. Made eating a jam butty something of an adventure!

David Matthews2

Fidget: That 'cheesey' preparation sounds yummy! I'm just off to inspect the damsons at my 'home away from home' in the Midlands - Plum and damson fruit ripening is generally a little later up there, I find.


Damsons aren't ready here. If anyone local to Notts/derbys border has 10 lb or so going spare...... I'd be interested.

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