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I bought some Johnson's watercress seeds (Nasturtium officinale, but not related to nasturtiums). When I googled growing them, an American site said to plant them in 1 gallon pots (figured out that is an 8" pot) and stand the pot in 3" of water.

Instructions on packet say plant as normal and keep moist.

Has anyone any experience of this?

I planted American land cress a few years ago, but it was much too peppery for my palette.

Busy Bee2

 Artjak, I did some research, and decided to go with this method.  We made holes in the bottom and sides of old ice cream tubs.  We put compost in the ice-cream tubs.  We planted the seeds on the compost as usual and covered with a bit more compost.  We placed the tubs in old washing up bowls.  We filled the bowls with water to within about 1cm of the rim of the tubs.  They sit in the water and we change the water on average every other day (meant to be every day, but I think that is a bit excessive and more relevant in warmer weather).  We are keeping them in the greenhouse.  Anyway, the upshot is, that although this picture was taken a few days ago, the seedlings are up.  This 'feels' like a really good way of re-creating a watercress bed.  I couldn't tell you whether this method works, cos I'm experimenting - I can only say it seems to be working so far. 


Swiss Sue, thank you so much for that info. I will send you a watercress sandwich when they are growing


...And Busy Bee 2 too!


Swiss Sue, thanks so much for the site. I heard somewhere that this way worked. Am going to buy some watercress and give it a go!!

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