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man in a shed

mornin all ,someone gave me this cucumber(i think) it's pale yellow , cut a small one in half and it's just like a cuke insde , why is it like this? is it a mutant ?


 also here's my first born ..bless



I think its just a white cucumber. Google cucumber long white Thompson and morgan.

Glad your plum tomatoes are ok

man in a shed

thx fidget,i asked a few experienced allotmenteers about it and no one new , so i think i'll now claim i grew it as a white cuke experiment might get me some kudo


I like to grow something new every year, along with the tried and tested.  Some are great successes, others dismal failures, but we live and learn.

I have orange, yellow and red tomatoes, and red, white and yellow beetroot.   Nasturtium and calendula flowers in the salad bowl. It makes for a more interesting salad on the table.

There are many people unwilling to experiment.  The purple carrots were a disaster though.

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