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This is a new one on me. I have potatoes in buckets on spent compost. This has bed done before with no problems but they have been slow and not grown as much as I would have hoped. But more importantly they have developed tiny spots( like rust spots). Any ideas, should I feed them with Tom feed?? 

this isn't blight as the plants are healthy another than the newly formed spots. 

Garden Maniac

I've had this problem before, a bit like scabs on the surface?  It hasn't affected the growth, or the eating, as long as you cut them off before cooking. I think it can be something to do with the lack of nutrients in the compost, however I've used fresh compost and still got it - as long as the plants are healthy, I wouldn't worry 

This is just on the leaves so no idea what's happening under the compost. Should I feed with tomato feed?? Thanks for reply


Oh, on the leaves.

How you followed crop rotation ?


They are in bucketso with spent bedfing flower compost. So shouldn't have any issues with rotation. 


Never had this effect my potatoes before, but I've had it effect my leeks, onions and garlic etc, mid to late summer...

...but having done a bit of research, come across common rust Puccinia pittieriana or deforming rust Aecidium cantense as a possible answer.

Google images for each and see if it matches. 

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