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Thank you Scroggin, Dovefromabove and Artjak.

I am going to the shops tomorrow to pick up some seeds and a few bits to get us started. A couple of local garden centres have kindly offered to donate some soil, equipment and wood to get the beds raised higher so our wheelchair patients can join in.

I hope to be discharged in a couple of weeks, so need to crack on. Thanks again for kind words, advice and support. 

Very much appreciated by us all here.


Just wanted to say hello everyone just joined you tonight. ????

Michael that sounds like an amazing idea and very therapeutic, well done x

i am a childminder and have a small veg plot that I tend with the children.

Hello nut cutlet  ????


My smilies keep posting as question marks 


Welcome furball

Is it true that carrots can be sown straight in to sand cos it gives straight carrots true or false that is the question 

Steve 309

Yes - if you have stony soil, or you've recently added manure, when a carrot root hits a stone or a lump of manure it'll fork,  It doesn't harm the plant but you'll get some interesting and amusing shapes - which are difficult to peel/scrub.

So, if you're in that state, use a spade to open up a vertical slit in the ground and waggle it back and forth to make a narrow V-shaped trench.  Fill that with sand, or sieved soil or potting compost and sow on top of that.  Good luck.

With a sudden rush of blood, yesterday I bought a stepover apple tree. I know nothing about growing apples .Help!! It is an Apple Winter Gem. Is it self pollinating? Does the soil  require any particular treatment before planting and how and when do I prune it?


Hi I've recently joined and look forward to reading and posting on here!

Hi guys I have just thinned out my carrots at 9 9.30 tonight will the dreaded carrot fly get at them or will they be dormant at that time of night any help thanks 


No idea at all - did you use a torch?

Can carrot flies see in the dark?  Given their diet one would rather suspect that they can 


Thanks I never knew there were so many pest until I started this veg growing 


Broad Bean Problems.

I have a new garden this year built from scratch with new imported soil.

Everything seems to be doing well at the moment except my Broad beans, plenty of flowers but as a lot of the flowers are going off, no beans are forming.

Even the black aphids have not arrived in the tops.

Right next to them are peas which are going great,

Could it be old seed? Thanks for any help.


 If the seed has germinated then it'll be fine.  It's more likely to be a dryness at the roots or lack of the right pollinating insects.  Beans need quite a bit of water.  

It would be helpful if you started a new thread for this question, with Broad Bean in the title, so that broad bean growers can spot it easily.  


I was at a clients house this weekend; she is a brilliant cook and I always look at her great collection of recipe books. I found this really fantastic book for fruit and veg growers; Able and Cole, Veg Box Companion by Keith Able (or Abel). £12.99, but may be cheaper on line. This is not an ad; I've never heard of these people before, but was impressed by things like radish leaf pesto

Having bought a dwarf  cherry  tree  and plum tree. I wanted them for two large pots I have in the garden. All seemed to be coming on well until  a few weeks ago, when the top leaves started to curl, there are no signs of aphids or any other pests, can anyone help?