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Broad Bean Problems.

I have a new garden this year built from scratch with new imported soil.

Everything seems to be doing well at the moment except my Broad beans, plenty of flowers but as a lot of the flowers are going off, no beans are forming.

Even the black aphids have not arrived in the tops.

Right next to them are peas which are going great,

Could it be old seed? Thanks for any help.


 If the seed has germinated then it'll be fine.  It's more likely to be a dryness at the roots or lack of the right pollinating insects.  Beans need quite a bit of water.  

It would be helpful if you started a new thread for this question, with Broad Bean in the title, so that broad bean growers can spot it easily.  


I was at a clients house this weekend; she is a brilliant cook and I always look at her great collection of recipe books. I found this really fantastic book for fruit and veg growers; Able and Cole, Veg Box Companion by Keith Able (or Abel). £12.99, but may be cheaper on line. This is not an ad; I've never heard of these people before, but was impressed by things like radish leaf pesto

Having bought a dwarf  cherry  tree  and plum tree. I wanted them for two large pots I have in the garden. All seemed to be coming on well until  a few weeks ago, when the top leaves started to curl, there are no signs of aphids or any other pests, can anyone help?



Hi anniegirl, when did you plant them? Is it possible all of the nutrients have been used out of the soil? Have they been allowed to dry out?
Sorry for all the questions!


Thanks Rebecca, I think it was October , November time, with so much rain I don't think they have dried out. I have been feeding them chicken manure and recently  I gave them some potash. I hope I haven't killed them.


I have found that even with large pots, sometimes the rain just misses them - depending on which direction the rain is falling. Even after quite heavy rain, some pots are still pretty dry.

Thanks Artjak, I have never grown fruit trees before so, I hope I haven't killed them . I hope they will recover with some tender loving care. Many thanks.

HI all new to the furum but I will start with a query , I lifted 2 gaint garlick plants today and was quite pleased with the results (pot grown) there were also some small cloves growing on the main cloves ,can these be used as seed for next year ? being a tight type I like to get my monies worth lol,the two cloves I planted cost £3.99. from a garden center so you can see where I'm coming from ..

atb DD

it looks like iv'e posted this in the wrong place can anyone sort it please ?



I'd start a new thread dd, with garlic in the title

If I knew the answer I'd put it on this one but I don't.

A lot of people don't look at these old threads.

DD.......just start a new thread with Garlic in the title......that should get you some help and advice

Iv'e started a new thread  atb DD


hi everyone ive just started to day and hope someone could help .ive harvested my letuce today and 2 out of 4 had browny coloured slime on them what am i doing wrong?????x .... could someone allso advise me on what to do next with my peppers , do i trancelant into bigger pots as the get bigger and leave them in the greenhouse or will they be ok to put them outside .???? thank you x


Hello dwarf and welcome to the forum I don't know about the slime on your lettuces except that they might be rotting down a bit, separate the leaves and wash well, you may be able to salvage something edible.  Garden produce is never as pristine as shop stuff, but then we tend not to use the chemicals that their farmers use to have a commercially viable crop.

The peppers in Yorkshire where you are, I would put into 8 inch pots and keep them in the green house, or a sheltered sunny part of the garden, make sure they do not dry out. I start feeding mine tomato food when they are flowering. Other gardeners may do it differently.

Good luck with it and keep us posted

Hi anniegirl they probably going dorment this time of year
Hi dwarf leave them in the same pots and in greenhouse until next may then harden them off to put outside

Hi all …. playing with a new garden design and want some fruit trees….. fairly low maintenance, fast growing, good/tasty crop and wildlife friendly. Am I asking too much?! Any recommendations?