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man in a shed

Found these growing on my spud plant,don't know what type it is maybe king edward. Are they seeds? why didn't i get any on my other plants?




Yes they contain the seeds - don't mistake them for tomatoes as they're poisonous.  Some potatoes flower and produce seed and some don't and even I don't know why 

man in a shed

jeez ! i bit one in half to have a look ... still here

Andrew Kenneth

From these seeds you can grow your own seed potatos for planting? How?


The seeds will grow into potato plants, but may not be anything like the parent plant. Potatoes grown from tubers are vegetatively propagated and will be identical to the parent.  usually I pinch off the flowers as they form. Forming seeds like this diverts the energy of the plant, and you will not get as big a yield of tubers.


I left mine on and my main crop of Cara were huge and lots of them also they are a month early

Hi, I have these on my Cara crop too so maybe it is prone to it ? Great spud and great crop tho' - I chop mine off too as scientifically makes sense - stops plant from diverting energy into seed- making as fidget bones already said. Cute tho' and proof that pots and toms are indeed part of the same family.

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