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I am new to growing my own vegatables. My Runner bean plants were lovely when I put them out, they are now being eating by something and getting a bit straggly. Help?

Would it help to know that I live in a wooded area?


Slugs-probably-just a word of caution -you are very early-possibly by a month !!

oops really! I followed the packet. Do ou think they will survive?


What part of the country are you?-they do not like cold and a late frost will see them off.

A lot off seed packets are distributed in other countries so what might work in Southern Spain right now won't work in the North of Scotland

As a rough guide allow 4 weeks from sowing to planting-I live in Southampton and will be sowing in a couple of weeks

You might be alright-but you might need to sow again-starting early does not always pay off-sorry

Thank you , I am in Surrey. Little disapointed now, no worries though, if I need to I will try again, Thanks again. I think I need to invest in a good book!



Oh-now I feel guilty !!-as I said you might be alright-just have some seed on standby

On books-I always say look in charity shops-there are usually loads.


When following seed packets, especially veg, I always have a 2-4 week sowing allowance as I live in the northeast coast - its very cold here. But I do make one exception when sowing pumpkin seeds, these need to be started off by the times stated on the packet. Otherwise, they won't be ready in time for halloween. 

Hi Paula,

I was a TOTAL beginner lst year and slugs did for much of my crops so I now add a circle of slug pellets around everything I plant out.

I would highly recommend the "How to" section on this site and You tube videos ( Just be sure they are not posted by someone in Australia! Also my "bible" is River Cottage Handbook No 4 "Veg Patch" by Mark Diacono It has an easy to follow one page a veg so you get just enough without overload. Good luck, enjoy and be warned it is an addictive.

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