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Can anyone help me ??????

I bought some courgette plants from Tesco`s ( there`s my mistake first off I hear you shout ) Planted them out and sat back to await my usual bumper crop - - - but the plants got bigger and bigger and bigger . . . there were some large yellow flowers and some small round yellow fruits ( tomato sized ) I`ve left the plants to there own devises and now they are like Triffyds - - and I have large almost football sized round yellow fruits - -  - extremly novel - - - i don`t think that they are melons but I could be wrong - - -  Ideas would be appreciated



I am envious my courgette plants have not grown at all, what is your secret?


You can get round yellow courgettes.  Why not pick one and cut it open? 


Sounds like a Squash rather than a Courgette.


I have the yellow ball courgette this year I was told to pick it at tennis ball size. Mine is doing very well. Id do as MuddyFork has suggested and try one



I would have said it could be a Pumpkin or Squash,too

Pam x


There are dozens of courgette varieties with all manner of different coloured and shaped fruit.  I think you probably have a variety called "One Ball", which produces round yellow fruit.  You've left the fruit on too long if it's football sized - pick 'em now and you'll get more, which you should pick when they're about the size of a tennis ball.

Thanks for all your responses - -  i let them grow because i didn`t know what they were but as you all seem to think they`re edible, I`ll pick one tomorrow and give it a try  - - thank you all - - -

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