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Regarding bienniel bearing mentioned by waterbutts in the first reply, we used to have a row of three apple trees in cordons.  Two were biennial bearing (and in synch with each other) and the third would bear fruit for two years and then miss one.  Over a five year cycle we'd have a combination of masses of fruit in year one, less for years two three and four, and then masses again in year five.

Jim, I see that you are somewhat younger than myself and therefore are lagging behind me in applying what you have learned over the years. 

Perhaps you would care to tell the forum how you came to possess your expertise and  ability to disseminate expert advice to other poor benighted folk.

A bit of a disagreement ...hmmm

Thnak you everyone

I have looked at the links and will have to look into it more...I know this is a long term thing main concern was if I should be doing something now

My plan is to winter prune (as soon as all the leaves have fallen off) - and try and prune to a good shape...

Basically all the shoots are coming for the trunk!  Any that look long and upright I will remove ...

As I said if it never fruits again it will still make a good play tree - if it does it is a bonus!

I was shocked by the amount they removed  - but.... this gardener is a local company and they have a really good reputation ...we did have quite a frank discussion about whether it was worth while...  

He knows I am trying to renovate the house so really don't have much time at the moment to keep this largeish well established garden (aka jungle) under control - and there are some high conifer hedges that I don't think I can maintain ...I should have more work for him ... (at the moment I am frantically cutting back as much as I can do before winter)

I did wonder if he got someone to do it for him ...he had a lot of work on and was trying to fit it in and the dodgy weather last spring was causing him problems...

Jim Macd

Hi lusi83, You're welcome. We could give more informed advice if you posted a picture of the tree. I have a vision in my mind which could be quite exaggerated  Not to worry though. I'm sure your tree will be restored to full fruiting in a few years. Sounds like you are in the same situation I was in when I moved in here. I took out 22 very large conifers. I had to remove one old apple tree but I'm slowly grafting over one. 

Still waiting for a reply to my post of 19.43, Jim


Waterbutts and jim macd maybe it would be more appropriate to continue your disagreement via PM.
Sorry to cause offence, I should have said...

IF YOU WISH TO CONTINUE your disagreement it may be more appropriate to do so via PM.

I have looked back to the start of this thread.  I too know how to prune apple trees whether summer pruning or winter pruning.  I have done plenty of both. I prune a friemd's orchard too and the crops every year are superb so my ways work.

Jim, your comments were offensive not just to Waterbutts and Berghill but to those of us who respect their views.  They gave advice based on their we all try to do.  Your attack on them was awful.  If  you disagree with them you should do so with advice of your own enabling others to decide for themselves and not attack their advice in the way you did.

The upshot is that we may lose 2 well liked members on the forum.  We don't  want to lose them. Both have been hurt by your comments....perhaps you meant well but I didn't read it like that. 

Hopefully jim you can eat some humble (apple?) pie here and do the right thing

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