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When my tatties, onions and garlic are ready in a couple of weeks can somebody advice what other veg I could put in then. many thanks

lettuce, carrots, radishes and spring onions bluejan


If you sow some leek seed now a few weeks you should be ready to plant out if you bring them on in the greenhouse to start.


Might not be too late for French Beans if you sow them now ready to plant out in a few weeks (or buy some baby plants from the GC when you're ready ).



runner beans too.  just sown some for friend..germination now is rapid.  could sow in trays to germinate and plant out when space is available.  peas too


Beetroot and chad can be sown in modules now to plant out later, you'll get a smaller crop though. Radish, spring onion and salad leaves. Swede and turnip can be sown now in modules to plant out later for an over winter crop.

Strawberry seeds for a crop next year.

If you like growing flowers, biennials can be started off from seed in July to be planted out in September or October. Most say sow in September but I find this too late if you want a plant which will stand up to snow. I used one of my veg beds after cropping, as a nursery bed last year for biennials, foxglove, bellis and sweet william all did well. Bee's love them. They can be transplanted into your flower beds once the ground has defrosted and before you feed the soil for your veggies. Hollyhock and wall flower are also biennials.

Used as companion plants they attract the good guys into your plot early in the growing seaon. I had bee's in the garden soon after the bellis flowered and noticed one out today buzzing round the foxglove.         


I shall be planting dwarf french beans shortly.  Also another crop of Swiss chard. 


thanks everyone, I like courgettes could I do them?


yep, this time of year it's like 5 days for them to germinate, a couple of weeks from seed til they are big enough to start producing flowers and fruit.


I've just sewn spinach directly into soil.

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