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This is my first season when I can plant stuff now to eat over the Autumn and Winter time

I would appreciate a "general list " of what I should try

I have had my strip for 2 years in November


Hi Newboy,

I sow Swiss Chard at this time of year - I'll be picking it in the autumn and in mild spells through the winter, right into the spring.

You can also plant brassicas - Brussels sprouts, Curly kale, Purple  and White sprouting broccoli and Savoy and January King cabbages.  It's too late to sow them now, but you can buy the plants right now at nurseries and garden centres.  

In late October I'll be sowing Claudia Aquadulce broad beans , they'll grow a few inches and then sit the winter out - in the spring they'll romp away and you'll have an early crop.  The ones I sowed last autumn spent the winter under about 18" of snow, but we've had a fantastic crop this year

Isn't gardening wonderful 


Some great ideas there! I'm new at this too, but my chard is starting to come up, and I will also try to overwinter some perpetual spinach/spinach beet.

I believe spring onions (white lisbon) can be sown until September and harvested through the winter, so I will be giving that a go, as my spring sown ones have done so well! Any tips gratefully received...

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