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unless you hyave somewhere theyw ill get light directly above and around, not just from one sied like on a windowsill, that can be rather difficult!


A lot of leaf salads -lettuce,radishes,spring onions-you could try tomatoes but no guarantees

All will need light

chilli lover

Why must you start immediately ???


Thank you to everyone who has commented so far. I have a very big window but it is only on one side. No porch. 

Some limited success outdoors in the past but poor soil, snails and slugs, and of course this year it is weather problems. 

I'm reluctant to start at all in the garden as it might as well still be February. I must start immediately indoors as I'm worried I will miss the chance altogether if I wait. 



Bob...great name
We are all getting itchy and want to get going.
Yes lettuce...little gem...radishes, Beetroot, spring onions and what about a few herbs?

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