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I loved your story about your nephew Sam
I grow my Peppers in flower buckets and usually get a good crop.I feed them the same as tomatoes.
I wonder which varieties you have been growing? Two varieties that I like to grow are Tasty Red and Tasty Yellow Grill - they are the long Peppers.Jumbo Sweet is also good
Forgive me of I am telling you something you already know but Parsnips etc. will fork if grown in newly manured soil.
Has no-one googled my Peter Peppers yet
Pam LL x

Its my third allotment year this year.  First year was alot of clearing, prep and bunging stuff in.  Last year was well planned but the weather put pay to alot so this is the year!

I have done a planting plan of the successional crops and where they are going to be grown.

Lots more peas this year (very successful last year, just not enough of them), purple sprouting (planted last year), tenderstem broccoli (very successful last year), runner beans (growing less than last year), one strawberry bed in its second year, one in its first, sweetcorn (not that successful last year, want to give it another go), lots of salad crops (in the allotment and at home in the garden), carrots (very unsuccessful last year), french beans, cucumbers (only got two last year, too wet I think), mooli, radish, salad onions, potatoes (lots of varieties), sweet potatoes (trying for the first time), courgettes (long and round varieties), I have also just taken delivery of some early, mid and late raspberry canes.  Lots of leeks currently in at the moment too.

In addition to fruit and veg, a couple of beds will be put aside for wildflowers (wildflower seed mixes) and cut flowers (sunflowers, sweet peas - which were so successful last year etc).

I was quite strict by only choosing crops that we really love to eat (plus a couple, such as Mooli, which we havent tried before).  Friends and neighbours are really happy however to eat any gluts.


Sue H
SFord. I grew round courgettes last year and they were not that good. Looked brilliant on plant but tasted mouldy - yuk. Have grown ordinary corgettes for years with no problems.
On a lighter note first few were so bad left others to grow huge and were fairly spectacular on Halloween!

You can never grow enough peas, so nice freshly picked. I did mooli for the second time last year and found they like cooler weather best sown straight in the ground too and thinned out. First year they were planted to be a mid summer harvest and most bolted. Second year I sowed them in a raised frame on top of the veg plot just in bought compost to be harvested in June, covered by cloches till late April and some were as long as carrots.

Bunny ...
Haaaa Peter peppers .... We have a similar snow shaped variety on park at end of our road (school boys humour we guess) , we laughed .


Sue H
Were the mooli nice to eat?
Last year I was very impressed with mini cucumber La Diva - we grew it up a wigwam along with cucumber Crystal Apple - well worth trying
PamLL x

We're planning runner beans, chantenay red core carrots and courgettes for the raised bed we've not built yet. There's garlic already getting tall, and rocket and spinach will go in the gaps. Not sure where the spring onions, tomatoes and peppers are going - we were given the seeds.

Thanks for the tip on round courgettes SueH.  Will consider my usual long type instead as space is at a bit of a premium.

Sue. Mooli tastes very similar to radish.The small one's can be cut up and used in salad.

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