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Hi ffolks

whats best to grow now unfortunately my sprouts and cabbage have been got by the catapillars

can I grow flowers in the raised beds or will it disturb next years veg?


Sow some Swiss Chard now, you should get some pickings this side of the bad weather, then it'll survive the winter even under snow, and you'll get fresh new leaves in the spring.

Sow Broad Beans Aquadulce Claudia at the end of October - they'll grow a bit, stand over the winter and you'll get an early crop in the late spring early summer, before the spring sown beans are ready. 

I have grown Aquadulce Claudia for some years, but this year with the heat of July/August the crop and flavour has been fantastic. As Dove says, sow in October or like me, sow in 3 inch peat pots in February and  when germinated, plant in the veg. plot in late March.


We were eating ours in May - wionderful 

No reason why you can't grow flowers in raised beds over winter. I grew on biennials in one of mine, them after transplanting them into flower beds in the Spring gave the bed a good mulch of home grown compost before planting veg. I followed flowers with courgettes and am having a bumper crop

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