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Hi, I have been growing passion fruit plants for a few months and they have reached about 4ft in height. I had about 4 of them so decided to plant two outside. However, after about a week the leaves started to turn white and they both died!

I do want to put the others outside but I dont want the same to happen to them too. Is it because they need more heat? Maybe they dont like being replanted? 

Thanks for the help! 


Its too cold at night for young plants.

Thought that might be the case. Considering that I live in North West England, when do you think it would be okay to put them outside + should I be giving it a citrus fertilizer now or later?


Indeed, far too cold for such tender things as passion fruit plants.  Ideally you want them in a pot where they can come back into a cool greenhouse or at least a sheltered position come autumn - they are very tender, even the hardier types. I don't know why passion fruits would need citrus fertiliser, I have always used seaweed based fertilizer and it worked, well, but others may know more about that. 


Weather forecast for the North is possible snow next week,keep plants tucked up warmly!.

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