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I grew some flat beans this year but they were rather tough-skinned and tasteless, even when picked small.

I sowed a few Blue Lake seeds as well (indoors in pots), but none of them germinated!

What's your favourite variety of French or flat bean and which has the best flavour? 


I'm growing veg for first time this year and grown cobra french beans. I've been delighted with the result. In fact just had dinner including home grown beans and Charlotte potatoes and courgettes. From garden to plate- fantastic! Addicted to veg growing now



I grow both types of bean,I think the runner beans are my favourite,great results this year with Red Emperor.


I grow a few varieties and found these good last year...

Runner beans -Scarlet Empire and Painted Lady both good croppers.

French beans - Goldfield, Neckaronigon, Neckargold Barlotto Linua Di Fuoco and a purple podded one but can't remember what it was called. Picked early they were all good on taste and not stringy. Some cropped better than others and having coloured pods made them easier to see on the plant to pick.. 

This year, the runner beans haven't started producing pods yet and French have been slow, I only started picking them last week.  

I'm trying three new one's this year. two varieties to dry the beans, but none are doing well.    




Does Sean count....?

Sorry - couldn't resist....

I'll get my coat...



I'm with Jigsaw. Cobra F1, a hybrid, is an excellent reliable producer.

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