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Is it a good idea, to now get the green tomatoes off the outdoor plants, and ripen them indoors.


I,ve just picked mine and left on a rack in the greenhouse.there is still some warmth there,Will bring them inside in the next few days to finish ripening.


artychris, ripening is down to temperature alone. Optimum temps are anything above low-20sC. Overnight temps are important too. When daytime temps get down to low-mid teens and overnight temps even lower, they're better off inside where it's consistently warmer. For larger varieties, sit them upside down on their shoulders to prevent skin bruising sitting on hard surfaces.

many thanks, I always get an answer to all my questions- you're all such a knowledgeable bunch!!

Thank you for the info!!!! i was having the same issue couple minutes ago. I am new in the forum and i am happy and glad to be here!!!!

Talk soon

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