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I appear to have grown a white "Boltardy" beetroot. The others are all a normal colour. Is this common? I have not eaten it yet in case I have grown a rarity!

Miss Becks

LOL muddy feet. I don't know, but what are you going to do with it if it is rare? It will have to be eaten at some point surely.

Sell the seeds to highest bidder!

Miss Becks

Aah, Totally understand now!


You can buy White beetroot seeds. Have grown them, but find them far too sweet for our taste.



They are a bit weird as they taste like beetroot - but white.  Also come in yellow!

Thank you for your replies. Will let you know how it tastes.


I got two white ones at the weekend from my boltardy sowing.. boiled them up and if you closed your eyes you could not tell the difference. Got my seed from T&M maybe the batch got contaminated with white ones.. could tell it was not going to be purple though as the leaves had no red veins either.


got the same thing from the same seeds


hi everbody this is my first plea nice to belong

same thing has happened to me, but can you still pickle it,


Of course you can pickle it.  If you pickle it with normal beetroot it will go a delicate shade of pink.

I have had the same in the ground they look the same but when cut inside white

I have had the same this year from T&M seeds. Look a bit anaemic pickled but taste ok

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