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I have just picked some broccoli and started to prepare it for dinner just to discover its covered in white fly (tightly packed into the small stems). I have tried washing it but they are not moving can anyone suggest how i can get them out. 

I dont fancy eating the flies and i dont want to throw it away.


I put all my brassicas in salted water for a soak before boiling.


Yep, salted cold water, give them a good soak , swish them around then rinse under running tap - they'll be fine 


I do that with blackberrys, a little maggot comes out of nearly every one, just give them a good rinse before freezing.


I have had them in salted water all afternoon, they are still hanging on in there .

Iv rinsed it off and put them back in (clean) salted water. It can spend a night in the fridge and i'll look at it tomorrow, hopefully it will be bug free. 

Thank you for your comments though .

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