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One good one we made when very young and very poor was gorse flower wine. Absolutely hellish to pick the flowers but not a bad taste at all.

We picked them one sunny day on the local golf links with another couple. Gorse bushes really tall and thick. Along comes mum, dog and small son. "mummy, what are those ladies and men doing in the bushes?" "Never mind, son, come along!"

Peat B

Raspberry wine, flavoursome, fragrant and delicious. Makes one grateful for living in this country !

Strawberry wine,  sounds better than it is. The reality of this wine is disappointing. It has a very delicate balance between a light table wine and something out of a book of Peter Rabbit. You could imagine Flopsy, Mopsy and Pete sitting around a Potter table , drinking the stuff and saying things like, ' That MacGregor , he's a b****d'! and then everyone in an extatic dance of mischivous delight.

Damson, is the wine to stop a charging rhino in it's tracks, and then kiss it on the lips. It is BEAUTIFUL ! Glorious colour, a full bodied flavour and take a breathalyser with you !

Dan Dillion, is one of those wines that you need to get lucky with the picking of flower heeds. Leave 'em too long and you get a bucket of Cat's urine. Not to be left to it's own devices. It needs baby sitting in the first couple of weks. Get  used to it and you'll have a good enuff wine to loosen the stays of a head teacher !

Roobarb, is a jolly little number, that has a nice character. A light table wine, flavoursome and not too heavy on the senses. Has a cheeky 'nose', and a hint of manure from the winter feed. Check it out.

Goosegog, is versatile. Both as a jam, chutney or wine. Stirring , squelching or boiling, it stands up to the worst you can throw  at it, and gives you more pleasure than you deserve.

Apple, is good for only the most lucky peppes I think. I have nly in the early days of making apple wine, managed to get some real humdinger results out of apples. Perhaps I need to read the recipe ! I have been using all our apples with chutney and relish ! 

Blackberry wine is one of the rulers of the garden. Beautiful looking clear splosh, and so easy to make, it is a wonder that there aren't hordes of bloodied people out in the hedgerows in September, torn to shreds harvesting this beautiful medicinal fruit !            I LOVE Blackberry wine, me !

My favourite wine overall,   impossible to say. If I was cast upon a desert island, with Kirsty Young, I would use either the Damson, or the Raspberry, or the Blackberry. I wouold reckon 7 or 8 bottles should do the trick ! 

Lilac wine, as made by Nina Simone. One of the best


Blackberry 75-   best ever due to long hot summer. 2 years in bottle and it was like nectar.

 I stopped making wine due to lack of time- I spent more time drinking it.

 However I kept all the gear, and a couple of years ago , we gathered 30lb of blackberries from some land near the Trent. No traffic fumes so they were pretty good.

However I think I put too much sugar in. I've got 5 gallons in a carboy, awaiting bottling. Its a bit sweet but makes good mulled wine.



Everyone round to mine on bonfire night.  Please bring designated driver. I suspect its 15% alcohol and slips dowm a treat.

Peat B

Off on a RTW tomorrow. Be gone for 6 weeks. Gunna sample some Barrossa Valley splosh. I'll report back, pickled, but happy. Gunna miss you guys.  


Back late November.  



Peat B

 li ol' wine drinkin' me !'I

Peat B

Ta, DFA. We are at action stations and panic stations but not railway stations this morning. last minute things to look to. Last has NOTHING on our methods. 

Bloody 'phone is ringing off the hook, daughters offering help with out electronic systems. How technology has ruined our lives !  I miss the slow growth of a lotty already !  What a mixed blessing is a large family. All our time right now is answering the bloody phone !  

I am of that 'certain age' that  can remember going around the world without a single visa, and happily blagging my way through all the red tape, even in the communist countries ! Now, you need a visa to have a crap !

Looking  forward to a relaxez vous  on a beach in Fiji !  Back in late Nov.

buy the first steps in wine making book its a great one to start you on the road to great home made wines


Peat B
It has taken 8 weeks to recover from the trip ! Broke me big toe after 10 days, and then three weeks later, broke it again. I can't see in the dark, it seems. But OHHHHHHHHH it is so good to be back ! 12 flights in 6 weeks, and we never want to see the inside of an airport lounge again ! The first visit when we got back was to go oop t'lotty and check everything. To smell the beautiful fragrance of moist Northumbrian soil, open the shed and see all the tools silently weeping for lack of attention. Purple sprouting broccolli is abundant, and we are HOME !!!!!!!

Welcome back Peat   Think I'm glad I didn't take you up on your offer to go with you on a free holiday .......... I've enjoyed myself at home and have managed not to break my toe even once (so far!!!)

Enjoy that broccoli 

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