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i have just moved into my first house and would like a fruit and veg plot in the garden. 

there is a section that would be perfect for it, as it gets the sun throughout the day, but the previous owners put woodchip down on that patch. i have taken up the lining from underneath the woodchip, but dont know whether to dig the woodchip into the soil, or take that up as well.

any help and advice would be great. thanks.


Lift it up and put is somewhere else- not only will it take ages to rot down, whilst it is doing so it takes the nitrogen out o the soil.

Thank you. Will it be ok in amongst my bedding plants, or should i just put it in the garden waste?


It is used as a weed suppressant but the birds will flick it everywhere- am not that keen on it personally -I would put in in the garden waste


Great, thanks very much for your help!  



I use it as a weed suppressant under fruit trees and bushes.   It also helps maintain moisture in the soil in hot spells.

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