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Loving harvesting these, but running out of family and friends to offload them to! Still got tonnes on the plants and lots of flowers too! A good year for cucumbers!



Lovely harvest well done, 

Is it your first year?



Tootles, great cumbers  Don't forget cumbers and onion in vinegar  


Morning lovely folks.  It's my second year with my dream greenhouse Lyn. Thanks Kef. Great idea! Not tried that before.

Any ideas what to do with this? It's a cucumber-apple-lemon! Size of a tennis ball.  Thought I'd give growing it a go for a bit of fun. No idea what it's going to taste like! It says 'good for pickles' on the label... I'll report back following consumption!



Lovely display of cucumbers Tootles. You must be really chuffed. 



KEF. Oh Lor. I forgot about the cue n vinegar. Gonna make some today n have with ham sandwiches, fruit cake n a cuppa, just like my lovely M in Law used to do. Thanks for reminding me Kef. 


Runnybeak  Enjoy.

You worried me with the new thread with my name on I wondered what I'd been doing  

Tootles they are positively weird looking, will wait to see what your verdict is

I've grown the Cucumber Crystal Lemon for the first time this year, they have a lovely juicy texture, maybe a bit sweeter than normal cucumbers, all in all very nice. Definitely grow again.

KEF. Sorry for alarming you Kef but I never know where to post things for the best. I'm a real saddo and a dinosaur to boot. But hey oh !  I don't care. 


Delicious!  Tastes like what it's called! texture of an apple, zesty like a lemon, and refreshing like a cucumber. Brilliant! Hope I get some more growing! 


Tootles  , your cucumber yellow round thing looks great , do you know what it is called would like to try and grow one next year 

Anybody had there cucumbers go yellow ? I have got some in the G/H below the shade , I have assumed it is the sun ?






Here's the label, and a photo of the vine. It's pretty rampant! Forgot to say, it had to be peeled before eaten.



Hello thanks for the info it looks like you bought young plants  ? 

Will definitely be looking out for these , like to try different things 


I've just harvested Crystal Apple and didn't peel it and I'm still alive!


There is a recipe for courgette bread and loads more courgette recipes on BBC Good Food (I think it is called) I seem to somehow be registered with them and they send me recipe emails from time to time.

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