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So, at the end of the garden I have a big weeping willow tree which is also surrounded by 2 good sized sheds, hence not much grass grows underneath! So my tidy it up and make what was a bit of dirt into a really nice '2nd part' of the garden.

I have also recently taken a great delivery from, top class customer serive and advice before I ordered and then really good quality plants in record time once ordered.

I thought i'd post my progress pictures.

So less chat and onto the pictures.....

A few before pictures



Marking out where the path will go...


And then the digging started!



Couldn't resist trying it out to see what it would look like..


And then the real work started....a couple of inches of gravel to aid drainage...


Getting there.....







Big project Chris! Did the dog help much? 

That's going to be a really  lovely woodland/wildlife area. Looking forward to seeing all your planting. We've all been talking about snowdrops a lot here recently - it would be a wonderful area for them.

I see you have the logs on a bed of gravel, but are you putting an edging of some sort to stop the logs shifting? Also, I'd think they will get very slippy, since it's a shady space, so are you fixing chicken wire on the top?

You seem very organised so I'm probably teaching granny to suck eggs - sorry! I love seeing people's projects and the finished results. It will look terrific in another few months once you get some plants in and it starts to establish. Good luck with it  


Snowdrops are in the plan, I just haven't got them yet, i'll be getting them and Bluebells ordered and in the ground soon. I've got a lot of snowdrops around the rest of the garden but as you say they'll look great in the 'woodland' area.

I haven't planned to put any edging in, the gravel is quite a thin layer and the logs are bigger than they look and so are pretty solid. The smaller ones aren't quite as secure but they're more for looking good than actually using to step on. I have put quite a bit of gravel around the smaller ones to stop them moving as much as I can.

With regards to them being slippy, i'm going to just see how they go. if they get too slippy then I can sort that at a later date.

Plants are all in the shed ready to go, just need a bit of time and decent weather to get them in the ground. I'm also getting the bark next weekend for the ground cover.

Here's my recent order list from - if anyone has any hints or tips for any i'd love to hear them, i'm new to most of these plants

Hydrangea serrata 'Bluebird'-          1

Aquilegia vulgaris 'Munstead-          3
White' AGM

Bergenia 'Overture' AGM                3      

Cyclamen hederifolium 'Album'          3      

Epimedium x versicolor -               3    
'Sulphureum' AGM

Geranium macrorrhizum -                3       
'Bevans' AGM

Liriope muscari 'Big Blue'             3      

Tellima grandiflora 'Forest -          1       

Tiarella 'Jeepers Creepers'            2       

Dryopteris dilatata 'Crispa -          2       
Whiteside' AGM

Anemone hupehensis 'Praecox'           2     


That looks great. A ot of time and effort there both in the planning and in the construction.

Can't wait to see pics when fully planted up.


That looks good Chris. Your choice of plants looks good. Aquilegias I love and have some seeds in pots at the moment! Geraniums are reliable. I have two growing under trees at the back of my garden. Be good to see some pictures once its all planted up! 

Thanks Edd. The pictures don't really show it but the gravel is actually in the trench I dug out and so can't spread really.

I'll certainly look into what you've suggested for the slippery logs though, thank you very much.

Really like that looks amazing well done


I like that too. I have same reservations about logs being slippy, as fairygirl, but as you say, the chicken wire does damage the aesthetics. You could always walk on the gravelly bit when wet.

@Gardengirl - Thank you very much


@fidgetbones - Yep that's what I was thinking too. It's going to be bark on the ground so can just walk on that.

Just thought i'd post a little update.

The first of the plants are in, please excuse all the bamboo canes around them, they are just there to protect them from my 18 month old black lab! I'll remove 95% of them around march once the plants have had chance to root in and they are no longer a novelty to the dog.


To the right hand of the picture all needs planting out too but just out of the picture is a big mound of soil that i'm using to even out the lawn. All will be finished before the end of March.



Gosh! a time line. Hope you do finish on time. look forward to further up dates

Its looking really good Chris.
( hi matty2)

that looks fantastic, well done


So I thought i'd post another little update up the garden. A LOT of work has gone into this through February and March and will hopefully now look stunning all through the summer months, especially as the plants start to grow and mature.


The picture below was about 2 weeks ago, just the left hand side and back to finish.



This is where I got a bit sidetracked.....There was always 2 bricks showing through the grass and as I was working I thought i'd dig them out ready to re-turf, well this then turned into a full blown job all by itself, there was a path of bricks and rubble the full length of my garden! I always wondered why there was a bit of a hump in the lawn and it never really grew as well as the rest of the grass, i just put it down to being the main walkway to the sheds. How wrong could I be!



64 car fulls of rubble later (slight exaggeration) and re-turfing began...




And this is where i'm at. The back of the bark still needs finishing. Those pots aren't going to stay there, that was another thing I got side tracked doing, getting my pots ready for the summer

The border just to the right of the grass is slowly getting plants put in, but this is my walk way at the moment to save walking on the new turf and so can't finish the border for a while, although I do have a LOT of plants ready to go in the garden. A good friend of mine just closed down his garden centre and so have stocked up. Hellebores £1 each






It's looking great Chris. You've been working far too hard! I'm really looking forward to seeing it in  a few months when the plants are growing. The new turf looks really healthy and well - you've made a lovely job of that  

Are you going to continue some path alongside the grass so that you don't have to walk on it to access the rear of the garden? Just thinking that it might be an idea when the ground's wet - late winter/early spring - and you want to do a bit of planting or tidying etc. My grass is saturated just now and when I put a new area of grass in the back garden there's a path going round it for exactly that purpose, as I wouldn't be able to access the shed or new beds otherwise.

Edd thank you, made me


Fairygirl - I did consider a path but i'm a big lover of my lawn through the summer and have chosen the bigger lawn over a path. The dog does his best to destroy it anyway so i'm going to try and get by without a path. I just make an effort to walk up and down different parts of the grass rather than wear out a line.

Great work Chris, keep the updates coming, very impressive.

Such an interesting project and great to see it developing.  Did you find any buried treasure when you dug up the surprize pathway Chris?

Everybody loves a little update