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This is my plan for my backyard food garden. i am a beginner and i dont know what i am doing some advice would be very beneficial. Any advice on what plants should not be planted togehter? what should be added to make it more productive? I was wondering how much yield each plant will produce, it would really help if you can also provide an estimate amount too. Thank you.


You have a neighbour who posts on here sometimes known here as The Big Cob - perhaps he'll pop around and give you some advice.  I believe he's also very keen canning veg.

When you say yield - it will depend to a certain extent on how you intend to use your crops - what plans do you have for the Catmint, for example?


There seems to be some sort of default mechanism that places people in Tower Hamlets-they could be posting from abroad and early in the morning in the UK- and by the the terminology of "backyard" my guess is that Hamsa is from the USA-perhaps?-or not

Your plan seems to be roses, some herbs and tomatoes -why roses?-this is a garden- talk of yields makes it sound like a farm.

All a bit confusing and not even sure if this is a genuine question.

Post a picture of your "backyard"- that might be more beneficial


Geoff, I think Hamsa is aka The Great Cob aka Plainleaf. Something about the style, or lack of it, rings a bell

Is that the same person who complained of wild boar eating the lawn?-we never heard from them again either-another one from Tower Hamlets.

It may be genuine- or some kid in his bedroom-there is no way of finding out unless they return-which would seem unlikely-but who knows?




Well, Plainleaf did first come to notice as Grid Gardener advocating square foot gardening.   Oops, what a give away.


I live in Dordogne, France and I was down for living in Tower Hamlets too. I tried to change it for Dordogne, but it didn't work so I changed it to Cotswolds as that's the type of soil I have. I don't know what everyone else sees, but now I get the Cotswold weather forecast.

Anyway, about the garden. If it's a food garden it seems a bit strange that there are flowers, like roses and catmint in straight lines. Catmint is not an edible herb like peppermint. Vegetables change positions and rotate every year. A 4 foot strip of thyme is a lot but a 4 foot strip of tomatoes is not much.

I would advise buying a good book on growing vegetables and read in during winter. It's too late to plant and sow now anyway.


If someone from Tower Hamlets complained about wild boar digging up the lawn then I expect they really lived in Dordogne!

He crops up elsewhere too attempting to incite discord , a little tedious, he must have a very boring time of it.

Have just looked at Le Hibou's profile who posted from France the other day-also says lives in Tower Hamlets as does Busy-Lizzie- when that is not the case so it would seem to be the default location and the system doesn't recognise overseas locations

Anyway that goes away from the subject- so lets see if Hamsa comes back.

May be genuine-maybe troll

Im not trolling i seriously was just asking for advice. no need to be judgemental!


Mmm-you say that- what country are you from?-fill in your profile details,post a picture of your "backyard" and people will be more than happy to help you.

Why keep changing your user-name?

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