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I have two honeysuckles in my back garden. They have not been pruned in ages and flower poorly now. However, they offer a little privacy at the top of the fencing, from the adjacent garden, which is nice. I would like them to flower better. Do I cut them from the base (hoping they will grow back well) or just prune near the top and plant some dwarf buddleia or something under them? Do I need to cut at a certain section in the stem? Also, If I plant some spring bulbs, would I need to remove the layer of gravel scattered around the bordering in my garden?


Thanks everyone.



If you can cut some of those stems back to base you'll get new growtyh lower down. Hard work disentangling the top growth. 

Jesse, is it dry there where honeysuckles are?  It looks like it.  Could be why they are not flowering.  A feed, watering and good mulch will help that.  It's getting bit late to prune if you're in a cold spot.....thinkIng of cold I would prune back quite nit said, cut one or two stems right down to the base and the rest by half in early spring.

Moving the gravel,back for bulbs isn't hard Jesse.  Use your hands to pull back the gravel and plant your bulbs making sure the earth doesn't mix with your gravel.  Then,,when earth is back filled return your gravel.    I wouldn't plant right up to your honeysuckle though ...leave 30 cm or so

yes, its quite dry there. I added compost and used plant feed (soluble) recently. But I'll sort some good compost/mulch. Im gonna trin out some the stems today. THe advice is great, thanlks. I'll get on it. I was just wooried, crocus, tulips etc wont get through the gravel. But thanks, that was a great help,.

Crocus bulbs won't be stopped by gravel Jesse.  Enjoy your plantIng

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