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Sorry I haven't updated for a while, haven't really got much more to add, the PC are looking into maybe a change in size, but surprise surprise the person who has the final say is on holiday. As soon as I get an update I shall let you all know, thanks for all your input so far thou

Update at last:


Now the clerk is back from their holiday, i have received another email


" The Clerk she has confirmed that the size and style specifications stated on the shed application form have been to Council and are the only ones allowed "

I have replied asking if the clerk knows where a shed of these dimensions can be bought, as I'm sure they would prefer a bought one over a DIY one.


Lets see where that gets us, will keep you updated (even if it is to show my DIY pallet shed being built )


Merky587 - it is not acceptable to promote your own business on this forum - advertising should be paid for.  Your posts have been reported to the Moderators. 


That's good Dove. Merky is in various threads so had to ignore.


Our Parish don't allow any constructions of any kind on our plots so we transport equipment on every visit which is most annoying if you forget something but somehow we all manage OK.

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