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I asked in the Plants forum for suggestions for planting our newly remodelled garden.  I thought a couple of images of what we have might help.  2 before and 2 after, each pair from roughly comparable positions.






What an amazing transformation. Looks like you have worked really hard 


Oh wow wow wow, how exciting. It looking great. Can't wait to see the seating area planted up.



I can't claim credit for the hard landscaping.  I had the professionals in to do that!  Our design ideas but I don't have the expertise or equipment to convert the ideas into reality.  Two very dodgy knees and a hip going the same way make sure of that.  Hopefully we will now be able to manage things from here on forward.


Wow, absolutely gorgeous. KT, has that bamboo been trained to grow that way or does it grow like that naturally? Do you know what variety it is?

Lavender Lady

Looks great KT, love the seating area


Looks wonderful - you must be really pleased.

what was the verdict on the planting plan - have you got some ideas now for "what" and "where" ??

Yes we have some ideas for what and where but are deliberately taking our time about putting the ideas into action.  Better to act slowly and be happy with the result than to rush in headlong and then want to change it again later.

Ref the bamboo, it's in a bed just contained by 4"deep path edging boards.  There has been some limited 'escape' but nothing we can't control.  Not all bamboo is wildly invasive.  I can't remember the variety but its Phyllostachys.

Thanks Heather, but what you see in the photo's is what we retained from the old planting.  We have just started planting up but that's a long(ish) term project.  The side borders are both about 100'; the 2 raised beds roughly 10' x 3 1/2' and a total of about 50' of trellis.

Heather Michaels

It takes an awfully long time to remodel and replant a garden. Slow and steady is much better from a results point of view. And well done for the design ideas. Nothing wrong with bringing in the professionals (I wouldn't have know how either!) but to have the vision to be able to "see" how you want it to look is a knack not everyone has, and that includes me. Good luck with it and watch out for those knees

With a big, empty garden we do have the luxury of being able to look at what's in flower, or soon coming into flower, and buying some of them if we like the look. We still have plenty of room for planting throughout the year.

With a smaller garden there's the risk that you see lots at the same time, buy and then have no interest for the rest of the year.

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