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Carried over from the bbc message boards, lets see photos of how your garden looks this April. Mines currently undergoing some work, so heres hoe it looked last April...

and the lower section...


Ahead of you Lead Farmer-started a gallery earlier today but it wont hurt to have two threads going.


hi lead farmer just love that bloosem in pic 1 lucky you


Sorry sotongeoff, I did search but couldnt find one, perhaps the mods could merge this one?

hollie hock

Hi Lead Farmer,

Really lovely pictures. How does it look this April? Ppst some pics

The more threads the better IMO



Lovely photos Lead Farmer


Hollie-Hock, I almost darent show my more recent photos. That lovely cherry tree had honey fungus which had spread to my privet hedge. So sadly I had to dig the tree and its roots out....

Hopefully my garden will soon return to how it looked the year before...

hollie hock


Shame about the tree, but that's how it goes. I'm sure you will plant something else in it's place

Garden is looking good, looks like you have a load of space


Thanks HH. I decided to put a wildlife pond in the hole left by the cherry tree. Unfortunately during the process of removing the tree I seriously injured my back, putting me out of action for the whole of last year.

Im almost back to normal now, so Im playing catch-up in the garden.

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