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What a difference, that's beautiful artjak


Salino and nut, thank you; it would not have been possible without a really wonderful builder, who allowed me to help where I could. The inside of the house was just as bad, but I love this place now - it fits me like a glove and I'm also very lucky to have the nicest neighbours you could imagine.


Art- well done with the pix!

And what a beautiful transformation! As you say if it 'fits' you that's a huge bonus. I love the section with the steps- I've never understood why people think gardens on one level are better- different heights are much more interesting. A good builder is worth his weigth in gold.

Hard work- but soooo worth it 



Thank you FG, living in th Fens it is flat, flat, flat so having steps and different heights is good. One winter I was on the phone to a friend in London and found myself saying, 'We've still got snow on the high ground,' and realised I was looking at the rock garden and considering that as high ground



I needed sherpa Tensing to get from the bottom of last garden to the other end....



More great transformations. Thank you for posting.

hollie hock

Looks great art, love the the pictures of the side of the house. I like different levels in the garden as well


My wonderful builder thinks three dimensionally; very hard for me to do that as an artist/mural painter I have spent my whole professional career translating the 3 dimensional world into a 2 dimensional one. Thankfully he understands different levels and how to make the right kind of steps; I haven't posted pics of the fabulous steps he did from the personnel gate down to the front door, the whole thing was so well resolved.

HH, what you are seeing is not really the side of the house, it is the front; the whole house and garden are sideways to the road But it works.


Lovely garden - what a difference Art. Love that side view of the front now - so pretty.

More should see that photo to see what can be done with a long narrow garden, how to add interest and give a feeling of space. Great.



Matty2, thank you; in this long narrow space, there is also room for 2 dalek bins, hidden by trellis and the builder even built a log store behind the studio and there is a coal bunker also. The car has to come in on the gravel, and have room to turn. When I first saw the place I would never have thought the space could be put to such intensive use. I am very picky with plants, though; if it doesn't have some kind of impact, or is not edible, then there's no room for it here

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