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I have a meter high front garden wall and I'd like to grow some plants to create some additional privacy. I'm looking for a plant that will grow about 1.5-2 meter tall, evergreen, non invasive and with a shallow root system that wont damage the foundations of my property - I understand deep root systems can suck out water causing foundations to crack and subside.

Any ideas? I've thought about a hedge but not sure how deep the root system is for a hedge. Plus i'd rather have something with low maintenance.

Look forward to your ideas and suggestions.



flowering rose

I  think pyracanthia is a good one ,I have one in the front of my house next to a wall and it is giving privacy and good colour as well as preventing unwanted visitors.

Well the pyracanthia is a great plant at all because the flowers of this plant are very beautiful and attractive and its best for the privacy. Good Luck dear.

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