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Hi, brand new to the forum!!!

I would really like some help and advice on an evergreen border for my lawn please?  I enjoy getting my hands dirty and doing the work but have not got a clue about what to plant and where.  I am on a fairly tight budget but would like to put some shape into my lawn along the one side of my lawn.

Thanks, Lee



This is the lawn from above.  I would like to plant a border along the right hand side in front of the wall and fence. 

Is it sunny or shady, soggy, dry or average soil, and how big do you want the plants to be? You could use pyracantha to break up the fence - grow it like a climber. And euonymous fortunei is good too. Both are tough and unfussy as to conditions. Hard to go further without answers to the above...


As auntieb says aspect etc is important but her suggestions are ideal anyway. As the garden is narrow why not take a corner across top right so that you can make a better sized planting area and then use pyracantha or other climbers down near the deck area. You coul make climbers scented too so that you benefit when you're sitting there.

 It's a bit hard to see- can you rotate and put pic back on!

Hi, thanks for the responses.


it is is a sunny area with average soil.  We're looking at an overal height of approx 6ft with maybe some smaller shrubs in front to create an nicer look.



Thanks Lee that's easier now !

I can see you already have something planted along the fence. If your heart is set on just a border along that side I'd suggest making it as wide as possible because it will limit what you plant. That's why I suggested taking a corner- if you took out the planting on the path side you could then put a specimen shrub on the top left corner which would help screen the children's play area and then let the bed run across to the plant you already have on the fence. Some additional planting down at the bottom left corner would balance it.

I take it you want to keep the grass so I'd still do the first bit of my suggestion-  a tough shrub like viburnum or hydrangea would be ideal as I expect it will have to withstand footballs etc! There are loads to choose from and it really comes down to personal colour choices. I think you'd have to just take single shrubs along the fence including the previous suggestions of euonymous and cotoneaster because these will give height without encroaching too far into the grass area. Bear in mind that if you plant shrubs which reach 6' they will also spread to around a similar size so if you want a tiered effect it will take a lot of space. Escallonia will sit against your wall and can be pruned back-the flowers are pink mostly but there is a white variety and it's evergreen. Hebes are evergreen but they won't really reach that height- most are around a metre at most, and agin if they're bigger they will also spread the same. Cornus and Eleagnus could be used but you would have to keep them pruned back. Cornus isn't evergreen but has coloured stems in winter.


Thank you very much for your help and advice, I will look into all of your recommendations and get planting!!!



No prob Lee- I should have added that it would pay to really enrich the soil where you remove grass especially along the wall as it'll be pretty poor and dry there. Spending time and effort before you plant is always worthwhile. Plants are expensive! It would also be worth taking a look online at various shrubs etc as there will be loads more you can choose from. Eucalyptus is another that can be hacked into shape and used as a small tree, in fact it benefits from pruning as the leaves retain their bluey colour and shape.That would make a useful screen. 

For the smaller evergreen shrubs look at daphne .... Two are daphne odora aureomarginata and daphne Eternal Fragrance.  The first has lovely green leaves with thin yellow margin and fantastic scent in late winter.  The second has the same scent but flowers throughout the spring and summer.  

Look at santolinas too. They are "evergreen" but make mounds of silver grey aromatic foliage and love sunshine.  Lavenders too.  Rosemary have scent amd dark green foliage. 

Look at Choisya.  This makes a shapely evergreen shrub...scented leaves but it's the flowers.....they are white and have fantastic scent right now.  Will grow tall and bushy or smaller because it's easy to prune....just use shears to shape it into lovely mound.  Dont overlook scent.  

There is also a yellow choisya called Sundance....same scented leaves and flowers but with bright yellow foliage's bit smaller but lovely plant

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