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Ooo. LandGirl.  Some nice stuff there.  Classy....hellebores!    You will love those. I enjoy every one of mine and I have in excess of 30, 40 ?  I have a double white in front of Cornus aurea right now......white flowers in front of red stems.  What better in winter? Nice red or purple astilbes too, maybe?  I found my yellow stemmed Cornus far more vigorous than the red varieties so it has more room

Getting more plants myself next week.......ain't it exciting ? 

(think you will find heathers will be put on display in couple of weeks or so)

It is exciting, I had a lovely day. The sun was shining, I wandered round the garden for a hour or so making notes on my little pad, treated myself to lunch in the cafe and then plant shopping. What more could anyone want?

I arranged that sunny day just for you landgirl.   ,I,have friend's in high places 


new year blues . think  of long summer  nights having  a glass of wine  staying in the garden     till 11pm then going in to watch  a world cup match  come on england


Thank you Verdun, it was appreciated! Must take care not to upset you, don't want you sending the floods my way!

Archiepem, that's what winter is for - dreams of what's just around the corner, really.

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