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Think I will go with a wavy shape for one tyre maybe for both, like the ones in the picture above.


Have you get the tyres off the rims?

Don't forget pictures of the completed efforts

No have decided to leave the tyre wheel rims on and make it like an extra stand to make a bit higher/ taller - like the third picture I posted of the two black pots.

I will have to take a before and after picture when I try and do it soonish.

Hi all

Thought I would show you a photo I took of the tyres before doing anything.

 The 2 tyres from freecycle - dont look that bad do they? Well I think they look ok.

Will take more pictures as I get any further along.

The tyres look good two different tyres slightly but should look the same when turned inside out, (but it nice to have a slightly different look anyway), when I get that far I will try and put more pictures on then.

I will try not to forget pictures, it is nice when people comment on how things look and help out along the way.

So Thank You very much for people who have posted so far.



Oh how my hand is hurting - have cut wavy/ flower shape out of one tyre and nearly finished the other.

Didn't think it would be that hard supid me things harder than I thought if that bit was hard then the next bit will be worse. not looking foward to that.



Look on this as a labour of love -are you still glad you asked about tyre planters?

Hey sotongeoff

Where abouts are you in southampton? Did you have your windows shut lots of bad language going on at my house trying to turn the tyre planter inside out but even pulling it and using a crow bar did not manage to turn any bit of the tyre.

Not fair - will try and keep going not given up yet do really want a tyre planter or two.

This bloke makes it look not that hard to do.

Maybe the tyre needs to be dry and maybe the rubber needs to be warmed up first so bring indoors.

Will try again soon


Millbrook-with double glazing

Don't give up- I am with you in spirit

I am in woolston so quite far then.

I am trying not to give up

Does look difficult on that video and their tyre without wheel rim which probably makes it more easier to do than with.

Have asked kwit- fit and another tyre company but no machine to turn a tyre inside out not fair they said just need brute force, which is going to make things difficult.

Tried again but too difficult to do as tyre, wet too slippery on floor for me to push as my feet kept slipping away.


I have one idea-what if you cut the tyre vertically-it might make it easier to turn -okay it will have a split in it but that should spring back when it is turned-it might work-no guarantees

Did think about cutting the tyre straight down the side.

But think today I will bring one tyre indoors- sound strange but I will put in front of the radiator to warm up the rubber and try turning inside out again 


I would offer to come over and help-but.....................

Hello all

I put some lines to follow when cutting out, I thought I would make a flower shape.

But then decided that I have put the lines in the wrong place as I would cut the tyre out and it would just be points on the top edge of the tyre planter.

So the tyre on the right shows the second attempt of how the lines should be when cut out.

Then after a while.......................................... it looked like this.

I had managed to cut out the shape on the tyre, not to hard to cut out as tyre soft round sides.

But only problem is to turn inside out. We have really struggled to get anywhere with this, trying to knee it, pull it back and not getting any further along. Just getting bruised and tired.

Found this on youtube link below - might have a try at this yet see what you think

But I will keep on going.................







Yup, biggest bar you can find, brute force and ignorance are your friends here, try and rope in some help for added muscle, hope it works out as from where I'm sitting buying a couple of nice planters would seem the easier option,

Going to try and have a go at the tyre again today with help from my mum and dad hope this will work out.

Would be easier just to go and buy a planter , but trying to make planters for FREE and I like the ones I found when I searched for planters.

I don't want to defeated by a tyre do I.

I thought I would see if a tyre with no wheel rim would be easier to turn inside out.

So phoned a local garage to see if I could have any free tyres and they said yes, so with my mums help we went and collected a tyre.

Here's a picture of the tyre.

  How the tyre looked at the start.

Then next I put lines where to cut out the shape. I made it the same pattern as the other tyres- so that I would be able to see if the pattern I did would turn out ok.


Then 3 hours of cutting out which was a lot longer than the other tyres as it must of been a lot thicker than those tyres were to cut out. Lots of pain on my hands. 

After me and my mum had used up a lot of our strength and a long half hour to turn the tyre inside out (knackering) It turned inside out and amazingly, it looks like this...

So we made our first tyre planter


Really like this one.

What do you think?

Would you have a go at making a tyre planter?

I quite like this black colour so will leave it and not paint it.

At last our efforts paid off, all that hard work, just need to get the tyres with the wheel rims in to do the same but might paint them yet, have to see.






Finally-well done

Will not have a go though


Good effort!  That'll look lovely next year when it's full.