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artjak wrote (see)

 (stop before you get too pretentious artjak)

Hello artjak

What does that mean?

Is that saying leave the tyre alone don't paint it, as it looks nice how it has come out -  just clean it up.   


Bless you gardengirl, I was ticking myself off for behaving like an art critic. I think your project is wonderful, whether you paint it or leave it would depend I guess on where you are going to put it? What the other colours around it are like? What you are going to plant in it? Someone mentioned that you could leave it black and have lots of plants spilling over the sides, I think that could look good.


Well I have washed it and now it looks like this

Lot less mud on the tyre planter now, but I expect I will have to wash again after the dirt is in just to keep it looking black.

Still unsure what to paint with or if to paint at all the plants might well overflow on the sides but might have to wait to buy those plants.

Just have to look at a local garden centre to see what to buy at minute have got a few plants, I have grown from cuttings some hebes white and from seed foxgloves- pink and ponytail grass and teasel. May be I will buy some trailing plants later.

The colours around it are deep blue and some green grass and the brown dirt and lots more colours allways changing as they are going to be planted at a train station in southampton so train colours -south west trains yellow, blue,and white and silver shelter going to go under a large sign post so different colours on the posters too.

What plants would you buy to trail over the sides?



Hey sotongeoff

What do you think?

Managed to get one of those tyres - that you helped me get on freecycle - made into a planter glad it had a wheel rim now as made a nice stand, looks really large now and great thank you for helping find the tyres.

Will be planting this at Sholing train station so people will be able to see them.

Do you think that people in southampton will like the tyre planter? 

I think it was worth the effort in having a go at making a tyre planter do you?


I have been following exploits with interest-did think about Sholing last Saturday but the weather !!...................

It does look good-glad you persisted-now you will be looking out for dumped tyres to make some more??


These look brilliant. Picking up some tyres this week. Also someone at work has told me if you stack two on top of each other and cut another in half and put on top you can make tyre chairs. Going to give these a go aswell.


Its good that I inspired someone else to have a go.

Are you having a go at turning them inside out?

Try and pick up tyres that are worn out - softer the better - you need to be able to squash them a bit to manage to turn inside out, which would make it easier to do, pick up ones that are NOT low profile tyres.   These are tyres with very thick walls round the area for cutting that is why I struggled with cutting out a couple of them and turning inside out was impossible, as they will not bend and I had to cut out the bottom circle as well, which was more pain cutting out.

I suppose you can make a few inventions out of tyres you could even try a tyre compost bin, just cover the top with something, fill up bit by bit and then when compost is ready take the stack of tyres off and use.

Chair sound interesting idea.

Nice that you are going to have a go.



He utilizado el traductor de google para entender lo que ha escrito, sus plantadores ves hermosa-que ha trabajado muy duro

¿Qué parte de España eres?


Hola sus plantadores son realmente buenos como el cerdo uno. ¿Eso es todo en su jardín?

In english: Hello your planters are really good like the pig one. Is that all in your garden?  so others can understand

Lidia Cabanella

a mi me gustan más pintados con esmalte uretanado exterior (pintura de barcos)

se puede imitar a la terracota


Lidia Cabanella

si, todos son en mi jardin

unos pocos los regalé