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Very detailed planting inside the tyres

Did it take a lot of time?

Might not be any where like that with my planting. Lot more looser with my planting


Wow! How many clips are there? The swans, the different designs, the methods of turning inside out - what alot of info. Very interesting and inspiring.

I bet you never thought this would happen when you began this thread!!  


Lidia Cabanella wrote (see)

con neumático de carretilla


"with truck tyre"

Crikey-Gardengirl fancy a go with a truck tyre?

Lidia Cabanella
sotongeoff wrote (see)
"with truck tyre"

Crikey-Gardengirl fancy a go with a truck tyre?


no tiene alambres de acero y se puede cortar con tijeras, muy fácil


If I got a truck tyre I think I would keep it the same way around - be impossible to turn inside out -  just paint it.   A wheelbarrow tyre is different, not sure about having a go at one of these - I think I will keep to car tyres eaiser to get hold of.

A strange question -  what do you do with the middle bits that are left over, the circles/ rings?

Well here's how far we have got with the tyre planters at Sholing.

  • Took the tyres to the station
  • Made the ground ready for the planters to sit on
  • put in place (Few people wondering, by the looks on their faces, what we were doing) they did not talk to us though
  • Then tricky part - filling with soil - quite a big thing to do, as station has a slope to the entrance to the platforms.
  • So the free topsoil that I nicely dug up out of a ladys garden into bags was in the car but had to get to the platform
  • With a small half size skate board and 2 x plant pot wheelers ready to help us we put the bags of soil on them and pulled them down the slope (or got pulled down the slope ourselves as some of the heavier bags do go down faster that the smaller ones).
  • Only managed 3 bags at a time but that was enough when they want to go different ways.
  • Soil put into planters, heavy lifting up to planters but did it. Breaking up the soil making it level with a trowel as we filled the planters.
  • One done ,Two done................and then another day later and lots of back pain three done  this day...................Five done all together.
  • Took for some pictures  so here they are




 One large planter with wheel rim still in now you can see as the stand of the planter.



 The tyre that we managed to turn inside out with the same petal pattern



The three tyres that we did another day two turned inside out whith the inner rims cut out to be able to turn them and one just with the top cut off to make planter larger.

Not painted them yet, not sure if going to - have to wait till dryer weather

Hope you enjoyed the reading and the photos?

What do you think?  Do you like tyre planters?

I think this is a good work out

A few plants have been added will post more when the flowers have grown a bit bigger


Hey just adding a few more pictures as a few plants in flower some primroses



Well nearly there just need help with the last tyre to make into a planter this one seems not to want to go.

So if anyone lives in Southampton and wants to help out on Sunday 30th June at Sholing Valley Study Centre in Station Road at 12 pm ish  then please join us

Hi GardenGirl.. I am currently renovating the outdoor space in a local nursery school and LOVE the idea of colourful tyres to plant in. Please can you let me know how you managed to paint your tyres as I am lost for how to do this! 



Hello ro3 - I have not painted the tyre planters, you can use masonry paint to paint them and a brush

here is an update of the tyre planters done

this one was done on Saturday planted up with daff and tulips and crocus

these ones were just weeded and covered with more dirt

I used to make these planters years ago. The best ones are made by leaving the tyre on the wheel with the bead unbroken. 

First cut around the tire about 1" from the rim on the outer face.

Turn tyre inside out, I used my work mate to hold the wheel and two pairs of mole grips to get started.

The steel wheel is an ideal base and broken crocks stop the compost leaking out.

I found that several coats of textured masonry paint totally disguised the fact that a tyre had been used, I used magnolia but I am getting on a bit

Hello still not painted them yet still thinking of it, the teasels are so tall now - they are great planters


I love your ideas Gardengirl. I have some tyres in my wildlife garden because common lizards like to sit on them, never thought about planting in them as they are still on the wheels. We have literally dozens of spare and worn tyres about as my son did Junior Rally Driving a few years back - I'm claiming them as planters now. 


Best left the right way round in the plain black for lizards so they warm up in the sun.

 I've got some native plants like vetches to grow this year, so I'll do a native planted tyre for the wildlife garden and post it up. Hope the lizards appreciate the work. 

That is  great GemmaJF  like the lizard in your pic,  sure the lizard will like the plants for a bit of shade but warmth in the summer, we left the ones up the station black and the plants attract lots of ladybirds

Re done two of them a few weeks ago with plants some daffodil bulbs and violas and bluebells

Just mix topsoil with compost or use your own soil that helps so they do not dry out too much in summer with the heat if it gets that warm this year